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The Clemson Family - Believe!


I graduated from Clemson University in 1983.  I was at the Orange Bowl when Clemson beat Nebraska for the Championship in 1981 under Danny Ford.  Those were exciting times.  Clemson has always been a “magical” place, and what has transpired in the past few years is truly amazing.  I wrote this song as a tribute to what I see being built here at Clemson. 


I don’t know Dabo Swinney.  But, I am very impressed with him as a person.  You can’t have the impact on people he has without being a man of character.  I've read about him and listened to the things he says.  He is a man of high ideals who works hard to see his dreams come true.  From his first meeting as head coach with the two signs reading “It Can Be Done” and “Believe”, to “All In", "BYOG" and every other “Dabo-ism”, he and his coaching staff have established not just the number one football team in the nation (2016), but a prestigious program that other universities are beginning to look to as the standard.  Year after year they are churning out young men who are making a mark on the world.  It’s not just a bunch of individual talents playing football, they are a team… better yet, they are a family, complete with something you don’t hear much of when talking about college sports programs – LOVE!


To Dabo & Staff -   Thank you for your heart, your faith, your vision, your candor and your tenacity.  You have made us all proud and inspired not just the players, but the rest of the Clemson Family to be the best we can be.

To the Players - In a world where "individualism" and "show boating" is glorified, thank you for putting the team above yourself.  It has caught the attention of the rest of the world.  The character you are displaying is making the world a better place already. 

To the rest of the Clemson Family - the fans of our opponents are blown away when they visit Clemson and witness our graciousness ... win or lose.  That makes a statement to the world as well.  


I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to experience all of this.  To Him be the glory.



Feel free to download the song!  I hope you enjoy it!  If so, share it with your friends.

My "day job" is with Norfolk Southern Railroad.  I wrote this song and pitched it to them as a television commercial.  The commercial hasn't happened yet, however, they did have their band record it.  And then their Media Department (Kim Cloutman) made it into a music video  (see video below).  Thanks, Kim & Norfolk Southern!    



The Steel Rail News

Here is the video Norfolk Southern made of the song The Steel Rail News.  Look for the guy in the white hard hat - that's me.  It was a real treat to perform with these guys.  They are great musicians.  I also provided harmonies throughout the song.

Behind The Scenes
Making The Steel Rail News

This was a really cool experience!  



promo front tree hat portrait.jpg

My name is Gregg Eargle.


I have always enjoyed singing.  I learned to play the guitar while in college at Clemson University and started writing songs not long after. 


Songs are powerful.  Some songs are "time machines".  Some songs are strong medicine ... a cure for what ails you.  And some are just fun!  The great Country Music songwriter, Harland Howard, when asked what it takes to write a good song gave the now classic response... "Three chords and the truth".  The truth always ... well ... rings true!  Whether it's the happy truth or the sad truth, the truth is the truth.  So, I try to figure out the truth and then put a good melody to it.  Hopefully people like you will be encouraged, inspired or at least entertained by my songs. 


While I have been writing songs for many years, I have only recently gotten serious about doing something with them... like sharing them with you and trying to pitch them to publishers.  I hope to one day write a song that some Nashville recording artist will put on their CD.  Then I can cross that off my bucket list.   If one should ever become a hit then I'll retire from the railroad and write songs full time (now wouldn't that be nice!)


I have written other songs that I will be adding to this website as I get good recordings made.  If you would like for me to notify you when new songs are added, please subscribe to my website and I will send you an email letting you know.  (Your information will not be shared and you can unsubscribe at any time).

Thanks for visiting my site.


May God bless you,



Gregg and his wife, Wynn, live in Pendleton / Clemson, SC

Gregg works for Norfolk Southern Railroad.


Wynn is a realtor with Impact Realty Group.  If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Upstate SC, she would be happy to help you.  She can be reached at 864.364.4958.

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